Monday, September 30, 2013

10 reasons to choose Host-My-Post

Now's your chance to learn about (HMP). At its simplest level, HMP lets you promote your site(s) for competitive keywords in the search engines. It's also a great money-making machine for bloggers and site owners.
Why use HMP? Because it works!
Any user who wants to promote his or her site(s) (the Advertiser) uploads articles to HMP. The articles are classified according to their theme. Any users who want to earn money through blogs and sites covering the same themes (the Publisher), publish these articles.This creates back links to the Advertiser's site(s).
This is very effective because the Advertiser gets links which Google and the other search engines classify as natural, i.e. they are reposts with links to the original article, while the Publisher not only gets paid for blogging, but also gets free content, which is classified as natural and so protects each site's reputation. As a result, this is win/win for everyone.
So, now the idea is clear, what benefits does HMP deliver to both parties involved?
  The Publisher:
  1. If you're a Publisher, you get double benefit: there's money for you every time you publish an article and sourcing articles from HMP solves the problem of producing fresh content on a regular basis.
  2. You decide which article(s) to publish. If there's something you don't like, you can change the content.
  3. There's an API for the system to deliver content automatically and a plugin for blogs on the Wordpress platform, which saves time and effort when working with the system.
  4. HMP rewards reliable Publishers with bonuses: on the 1st of January of each new year, all users who have a good reputation receive a bonus payout equal to 10% of their income over the previous year.
  5. There's a system of affiliates: if you introduce new users to HMP, you earn a percentage of their income even if you don't publish actively yourself!
The Advertiser:
  1. All the links created through HMP are "eternal". The Publisher is obliged to keep them active for at least five years following the date of publication.
  2. The system constantly verifies Publishers and their sites, both during registration and routinely after that.
  3. There's a flexible system of advertiser "insurance". If there's anything unfavorable to the Advertiser, e.g. disappearing links, the Advertiser is reimbursed all "lost" funds.
  4. A system of feedback: HMP is quite a new platform and we value each new Advertiser joining the system. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, contact us anytime. We're ready to answer your questions or work with you personally to make HMP better.
  5. You don't have to spend much time working with HMP: there's a flexible system of settings that lets you define the range of sites you prefer for publication. Then just choose how much you're willing to pay for particular link types and the system does the rest of the work for you.
And, of course, HMP offers great customer support service. Every inquiry is answered within three working days. Our mission is simple: every client is the most important!