Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Social Networks and Death

Social networking has become almost as important as networking in person. The ability to share our photos, information, news and professional events is not only easy today but incredibly convenient. While this is great now-thinking about what happens to all of these growing online accounts when we are dead isn’t likely on the top of our minds.

Do you have your photos stored on sites such as Shutterfly or Kodak Gallery or another? Do you participate in social-networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter? If so, you may want to exert some control over what happens to your profile after you die, but unless you leave your username and password with a trusted person, it will be tough for them to gain access.

What happens to your Facebook page if no one has that log-in information? A Facebook spokeswoman says that, "if a family member alerts us that a loved one has died, we will place the profile in Memorial State, or take the profile down, based on their wishes." In memorial status, certain profile sections "are hidden from view to protect the privacy of the departed." She adds: "We will not give access to the person's account."