Friday, June 17, 2011

140 Law - Legal Headlines for June 17, 2011

Today's leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter:
  • Chief Justice Winkler at Family Law Summit - System needs reform. Intended Sept comments as a lightning rod for change to the whole system
  • Delivering a Lawyer Within 15 Minutes (Soda Extra) -
  • Judge rules Righthaven lacks standing to sue, threatens sanctions over misrepresentations -
  • CIA tried to discredit liberal blogger, at request of Bush White House -
  • Supreme Court Expands Juveniles’ Miranda Rights -
  • Alabama governor signs bill banning abortions after 20 weeks -
  • Righthaven Goes Down Hard: A Look at the Democratic Underground Decision -
  • Assange 'being treated like a caged animal' -
  • Therapist blamed for 'botched' custody decision - Toronto Star -
  • Peel police officers fabricated evidence: judge - -
  • Former senator Lavigne gets jail time for fraud - Vancouver Sun -
  • Juror who used Facebook to contact defendant sentanced to eight months jail - Sydney Morning Herald -
  • Removing prostitution laws would increase harm, court told - Vancouver Sun -
  • Taser cop shouldn't go to jail, lawyer says - Toronto Sun -
  • Tips for Lawyers from the Jury -
  • Judges Come Down Hard on Wired Jurors -
  • Judge hints jurors may see raw video of Michael Jackson's last days -
  • Saggy pants lead to passenger's arrest -
  • Man files suit after ‘terrifying’ FBI raid on wrong house -
  • Top court won't review Hells Angels bail case - Montreal Gazette -
  • Teen's anti-Semitic views not changed: court report -
  • AG Bentley at Fam. Law Summit: Favours Unified Fam Cts. Notes constitutional issues, but no mention of consultation with feds to get there.
  • AG Bentley at Family Law Summit: Getting rid of paper, streamlining steps in Fam. Cts: He won't do it, will leave it up to the profession.
  • AG Chris Bentley at Family Law Summit - Consultations over, date of Bill 133 pension implementation announcement "very, very soon."
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